UNC will be the home team in the semi final round in the ACC Tournament up against the Fighting Irish Of Notre Dame. Notre Dame coming off a remarkable conquer Duke looks to have their recent dominance on the Tarheels going. Notre Dame has not yet lost to UNC since 2014 and they will do whatever it takes to maintain that streak alive. Studying the betting trend just for this game noisy . AM, 65% from the spread bets just for this game are increasingly being wagered on UNC. UNC exposed as 7.5 point favorites and the line have not moved. Learning how to spot value plays is paramount to long lasting success when trading in the sports betting market as being a contrarian bettor. Notre Dame receiving +7.5 points at this point of the tournament with all the majority of the public backing the UNC spread screams value to contrarian bettors. Now what additionally we need to see is often a reverse line movement, whether it is around the payout odds (if UNC -7.5 begins to payout at -105 or +100) or perhaps the actual spread. If the payout odds or spread moves against UNC (against meaning UNC becomes cheaper to purchase) and against public money that is a clear indication the casinos consider a position in the market and are betting against this betting trend. I think this can be one of many highest wagered game tonight and because the money will continue to pour in on UNC the significance keeps rising for Notre Dame. As a contrarian bettor we like these the opportunity to exploit market discrepancies just like it. While i mentioned previously UNC hasn't defeated Notre Dame since 2014 plus last year�s ACC Tournament Notre Dame Defeated the Tar heels in almost exactly the same spot. Notre Dame receiving 7.5 points illustrates a warped public perception around the valuation of both teams. For subscribers of the premium section of this site I discussed the way a novice sports bettor can spot market discrepancies such as this one and guide them to utilize it. No longer all value plays or contrarian plays will certainly win but at the end of each respective season you need to have a winning percentage that is much higher compared to public average. The public winning average with an NFL season in Vegas ranges from 35% to 49%. Almost never do sports gamblers in Vegas hit over 50%. Stop Losing START WINNING. Go ahead and take Fighting Irish of Notre Dame for your contrarian play through the day.